Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Adventures in Real Estate Pt2

Security alarms. Hate them, but I know from experience they work! This past Sunday I was taking a couple out to show homes in Ledroit Park (thankfully they are friends!) and the last house on the list to see did not require any arrangements..."show anytime" no contact to call, etc. ...needless to say we show up at the front door, unlock it and we see a note "Call owner for alarm code" ... so I could have taken this step prior if the owner (a For Sale By Owner property) would have instructed it, but okay, I call...no answer...ugh! I have clients at the front door, why oh why can't all agents/sellers be prudent with instructions?!

Well, as I often find alarms in vacant homes disabled and my clients WERE at the front door with me, I chanced it…after giving the owner one more try. All I can say is lesson learned... the alarm was not disabled and during the period of "beep, beep, beep..." and I am thinking the police are being called out as I stand in front of it, I call the owner in last attempt to reach them...just then (and no answer from the seller), a deafening (seriously) and horrific screeching came from the alarm...I momentarily went into a scene from the movie "The Ring" and was freaked out of my pants!

Try as we may, we just couldn't stay in the house with the alarm sound. As the door shut and locked behind us, the alarm seemed to have stopped...and thankfully no cops showed up (at least before we had a chance to high-tail it out of there...just kidding!).

Moral of the story to sellers: if you're selling on your own (or with a listing agent if you're doing it right) and have alarms, WARN showing agents to call BEFORE showing!!!

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