Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adventures in Real Estate Pt1

Being a Real Estate Agent has it's being that you can get yourself (and your clients) in interesting situations. Last night I was showing a listing to a client couple of mine in Capitol Hill. Lovely home, cute doggy "guarding" the house and a backyard/parking pad with garage door opener that was completely fenced in. Lesson to remember when going out into these fully fenced, no access out spaces is to make sure the door you entered through doesn't shut behind you and lock! Well, needless to say, all three of us are on the patio area, checking out the storage and parking space and go to enter back into the house...problem is, the door is locked!

Well, short of the story is that after about 20 minutes of devising a plan to escape, my ever brave (and thankfully atheletic) client managed to jump the fence and get around to the front door which was fortuntely unlocked and we escaped safely. Oh, the fun we can have in real estate!!!

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